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a non-private entry!

Hello Livejournal. I'm listening to this band called "Within Temptation" and they're really good! The singers voice is extremely pretty. They sound kind of celtic/gothic. I'm not normally into gothic music but her music is just so captivating - I can't get enough!

So my mom bought me a ps2 and DDR Supernova today. WOAH I KNOW! But it was my early Christmas Present, lol Christmas is like a month away - she's so nice. Oh my, I can't concentrate with this music! It's just soo distractlingly good

Today I felt really sad. This lonliness is tareing my heart out! (yeah, I admit it - I'm so LONELY!) I need some more friends fast - but now that I have some video games, I'll be fine for a while. I don't mind being alone just as long as I'm occupied. lol

*Sigh, I'm sort of mean to my mom. I feel really bad whenever I'm mean to her :( I'm just so angry these days I can't even help myself. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to start treating her better <3

Anyways I'm really tired, so it's off to bed for me - later!
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