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So I have decided to write a journal entry that is non-private for once ^^ I really shouldn't have drank so much starbucks tho cause I'm not tired in the least... Oh well, I am downloading a really good movie so that will keep me occupied for a while. I think I download too much. Anyways, Alanna came over the other day and we watched Nobuta wo Produce, played DDR & ate cookies =D my favorite pass times. Tonite I went out shopping and I got a super cute top from the Street Jeans Wear downtown. I went into Guess and everything was too expensive ;__; I have no money right now - all my money is going to towards that Gucci replica bag I ordered online which hasn't even been shipped yet btw <_< plus my NewS CD hasn't shipped and that makes me really mad cause I pre-ordered it and everything. Ordering online can be so frustrating.

So my piano teacher, Hiromi said she might take me to Japan with her in the near future! That would be totally amazing. She is nicest piano teacher ever... my violin teacher is really nice too for that matter. The music teachers I've had in the past haven't been so great, but this year they are excellent so I am quite pleased about that. So anyways there is this song I am listening to right now and it's called No More Make Me Sick by BoA - heh the name sounds kinda weird but it is the most awesome song EVER. It is so addicting - almost as addicting as Rokkuko :p I am thinking of dyeing my hair red (the same red as Heechul's hair in the pic where he is wearing red glasses) - Roxal you know which one I am talking about =) His hair is so cool in that picture. Plus I really love red hair.

Okay my head is killing me - I'm gonna go and swallow a Tylenol ~ l8er !
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