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So I've decided to update for once! I just got back from Vancouver and I'm feeling really tired. I did a whole lotta shopping ~ I went to these two Asian malls in Richmond - The Aberdeen and Parker Place. I bought some Japanese stuff and some really cute blue converse with star laces! I really wish I had some more money but I ran out so quickly ;_; The have the cutest stores in these malls! I went into the asian music store and they had soo many jpop CD's, it was awesome. They didn't have any Drama CD's tho which was kinda disappointing but in August I am SO gonna go to K.R. Music and buy Nobuta wo Produce (Alanna, I am sure you would love that) hehe I will even let you borrow it! I really wanted to buy some clothing too but like I said, I only had so much money... But all in all it was a really good trip ^_^ But now that I'm back I have a lot to catch up on - like Anime for instance 0_0 I've got a bunch of downloads on the go.. luckily I am only watching 2 dramas at the moment. So my brother wants to buy these shoes online that are like, 400 dollars US! But they are the coolest shoes ever! They're called Bathing Apes or "Bapes" as in the hiphop songs. I <3 urban clothing... and I just remembered my order from the San-X Shop online has been sent!!! Geez I'm gathering a collection of this stuff. I should buy more use-full things. Well I know what I am gonna buy soon that I sorely need is a new hard drive. My space is ALL used up. I have way too much music and videos and pictures on here. I download too much. Anyways I am gonna watch some anime, Lucky Star! and then go to bed. Later!
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