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Vancouver trip No. 3 this summer

kyaaaa~ I love Vancouver. I went back with my friend Heidi for a whole week! We went to the Aberdeen & Parker place mall - bought a whole bunch of super cute asian clothing! omg I was in one of the shops and they had a Haruhi doll! It was so cute. ummm what els, so we walked around the mall and oh my gosh :0 I started my period and I didn't have any pads/tampons - and being inside this asian mall there was no London drugs or anything - so I went into Daiso ~ this HUGE 3 level Japanese dollar store and bought some pads. I couldn't understand the packaging cause it was all in Japanese, so I grabbed one - went into the bathroom and found out they were paper thin pantie liners! Urg so I went back into Daiso feeling like a loser being the only white girl buying pads - LOL so I sent Heidi to stand in the line up for me while I grabbed some food ^_^ aw the Aberdeen mall is so much fun - all the clothing is one size (small and medium) but the clothing fit me and Heidi perfectly! Heidi bought this really cute shirt with this giant bow on the front it was so adorable. I was gonna buy this Adidas bag but it was 100 dollars and I wanted to buy some more shirts.. we had Japanese food almost every day down there! We ate at this really cool restaurant called Nikkyu and the waitress was so kawaii! She had a hello kittie shirt on ^.^ I was like OMG I want your shirt!~ We also went downtown and walked along Robson St. - did some more shopping. We are clothing addicts!!! We went into the Gucci/Louis Vuitton stores and looked around - I really wanted this bag but it was 500 dollars <_< We love Gucci tho, oh and the Armani Exchange is so awesome! WAH there were so many cute/stylish asian boys there <3 Were gonna go back in three weeks - buy some more clothing! In Vancouver we were staying at this girls house, and she's from New York! She's so awesome... she had this HUGE garbage bag full of the most beautiful clothing! ~ she was so pretty - I felt jealous T_T . HEY my birthday is in 3 days! Can't wait =D I'll be 17 at last!

P.S. - In the mall food court, there was this boy that looked exactly like Koyama from NewS!!! =D
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