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Oh my gosh, the clothing at is too cute! Especially the Korean clothing... I am so obsessed with asian style. I would never dress like a Harajuku girl mind you - I think that particular look only looks good on Japanese girls. But right now, I am totally obsessed with leggings and knee socks. I like to wear them with little skirts or long tees/dresses with flats. So when I get paid on Thursday, (hopefully if I can afford it) I wanna buy this outfit:

~ Linku ~

So my friend Joey came over the other day, and I totally bombarded him with Asian stuff. I was showing him my "kawaii" stationary collection, and he actually thought it was really cool. He thought Super Junior were catchy but so  homosexual :p He's not like the other guys I've met, Like Ryan for example used to make fun of my hello kitty stuff >.< Anyways we ended up talking until 5 am so he just slept over... my mom wasn't too pleased about that <_<

Anyways, working at the gap has been so much fun! We get a lot of good looking guys that come in <3 The one guy that I work with is so cute! He is super friendly - I am pretty sure he's gay but I find that gay guys are really easy to get along with. This girl that works with me named Noriko is from Japan, and she was teaching me some Japanese which was fun - she said that the ppl aren't really friendly in Tokyo but I still wanna live there.

Anyways, I am gonna watch Clannad now - the cutest anime ever! ... well, maybe Lucky Star was cuter. Eh, they tie

*** Oh and Happy Birthday so the sexiest Osaka man ever - Ryo-chan !!! <3
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