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*_* "what's this!?"

Okay so I thought I should update because I haven't in SOOO long. I mainly use LJ only to look at communities and friends journals. My life isn't exactly that interesting right now anyway :p So the most bizarre thing happened to me just moments ago... I was happily surfing online and listening to music like I always do when I click on my bookmarks and THEY'RE ALL GONE!! I was like, wtf!?! I didn't even delete them! And I had all my precious sites saved, and now I have to go and bookmark everything all over again <___< grrrr. That is so annoying.

So I downloaded this Korean drama named Coffee Prince, hoping at least one kdrama would spark my interest besides Suju Full house (but thats not really a drama) So I am watching the first episode and although I love the girl who looks like a boy -- so cute!! haha if only she really was a guy I wouldn't feel weird for thinking she's so adorable XD But I found the show really confusing cause the subs weren't all that great. I also tried out that Goong show but it didn't spark my interest either.. *sigh I guess I'll just have to stick to my j-dramas and my one Taiwanese drama, Romantic Princess. Although I did enjoy Unstoppable Marriage cause Lee Jae Jin from F.T. Island is in it, along with Choi Soo Young from SNSD <3 <3 <3 But the subs only go up to episode 10 T___T wahhh

So I have been reading this amazing (yet confusing at times cause of the old english) book called "Jane Eyre" It's pretty well known cause it's a classic but it's so good!!! I absolutely love period novels. Alright well I should probably get to my psychology homework now (that is, after I download some more Tegoshi videos haha I am so obsessed with this boy XD) Later!
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