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Yay I've just completed my english assignment and I'm feeling quite content. It took me a while so I'm hoping I'll get an okay mark. Me and my mom decorated the christmas tree tonight... well, more like I decorated it myself cause I'm a perfectionist and every ordament had to be in the right spot - so I basicly took over :p My mom wasn't doing a very good job anyway. But while i decorated she cleaned the house, so I guess that worked out well. (I hate it when the house is messy) La la la, so um I got some hello kittie pajama pants yesterday and they're SO cozy I love them soo much. They're kinda like for little kids I think but whatever, I'm still a little kid deep down there some where. So my brother came over after school and we had chinese food and I realize that he is the nicest coolest brother ever ! He totally understands me, and he's never ever mean to me. He says I'm getting really good at the violin too which is cool cause I've been feeling so discouraged about it latley. Wow tomorrow is already Friday! Time sure does fly... anyways it's getting pretty late so I should be getting too bed. OMG last night I fell asleep at 10:30 I was so proud of myself and I realized today I felt so much more happier and smarter. Not as dull and spacey. So i realize that lack of sleep is like half my problems right there. As far as mood and studies go anyway. So yeah, later days!
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